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Wikileaks more like trouser-leaks!
December 21, 2010, 10:32 am
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07:30 and 08:10 John Humphrys interviews Julian Assange

It would appear he has a very unique talent when it comes to blaming other people. Taking a similar stance to that of my 3 year old when questioned about tidying her bedroom. You didnt catch me at the time, so there for I am not guilty, its your fault not mine for not following the correct process… It must be difficult always been right!




You pay in beer, you get horrible logo
October 8, 2010, 8:59 am
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I found this Horrible Logos through Daily Design Discoveries.

The premise is simple, for a pint of beer he/she will draw you a crap logo.  So simple its genius!


This one has to be my favourite…

Daylight saving…

Now the nights are drawing in and less time can be spent outside, I find myself quite happily back with stylus in hand, looking for inspiration (no pun there!).

A few things have caught my eye over the summer, but none more so than this:

The casual optimist

Its nothing more than three paintings of bookshelves, but that’s what makes it for me.  It reminds of me of being a kid and traipsing round Graves Art Gallery, looking at the so called Kitchen Sink work and thinking why bother. Now with a few more years under my belt (and a bigger belt), I realise exactly why you should bother, because for every drab boring still life, there is something out there that is as good as this.

I just need to find a bookshelf stacked with books within a similar colour range and I am back painting.

Chapter 56 does it again

Looking at the iPad and hearing my friends slag it off got me thinking, there must actually be a use for such a device?  Not even Apple can only rely on sales as purely and object of desire not function…

Then when reading one my favourite blogs it hit me. Its nothing more than a very expensive sketch book. Have a look what people can do using the iPad and Sketchbook pro:







Would be easy to get carried away with this, but I think it smart! And now my opinion has changed, from the iPad being an oversized 90’s PDA, to having at least one redeemable feature!

Goro Fujita

“It’s still raining a lot….”

More doodles and broken promises!

I keep trying to convince myself that I am able make more time to sit down and doodle, but it so very rarely seems to happen.

The little bits of doodling I do tend to be late at night when my concentration is waning and I am easily distracted. My current favourite distraction is looking at other peoples blogs with scans taken from vintage magazines. I hope for my sake this is only a fad as there is a lot of material to get through out there and it has already cost me quite a few hours…

Here is a little character I have been working on for a while, nothing special, but nice to see him move from sketch to ink.

I blame this man for my new addiction…


Quick Sketch

Had no time recently to sit and doodle. But all that is going to change (yeah right!).  I am going to make a concerted effort this year to get stuck in. I have even been looking around for life classes in and around Sheffield, but so far the only ones I have found seem to be at the weekend and my time at weekends is pretty tight.

Please, if anyone knows of any life classes on weekday evenings in or around Sheffield, I would love to hear about them.

Here is a little sketch taken from the excellent GDG.

My version pales in comparison to the original, but seen as time was tight,  I was pleased to get something down.

“Colouring In” or for my American friends “Coloring In” part 2

Made a little more progress on this last night… Got bogged down with the eyes and skin tones, I think I am using the wrong tool for the job, either that or I need a lot more practice with ArtRage over Photoshop…